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In addition to publishing Prison Legal News, HRDC also publishes non-fiction reference and self-help books designed to help prisoners help themselves. Through its book publishing project, PLN Publishing, HRDC seeks out quality non-fiction titles that are useful to prisoners but may not be commercially viable for mainstream publishers. While we do not provide book advances, we do pay the most competitive author royalties in the publishing industry: 10% royalties based on the retail sale price of the title, paid every six months.

Susan Schwartzkopf is the director of PLN Publishing. To submit an inquiry about potential book titles, please contact her at 561-360-2523 or

HRDC has published two books:

The Prisoners' Guerrilla Handbook to Correspondence Programs in the United States and Canada
, by Jon Marc Taylor (2009), is a guide to correspondence courses for prisoners seeking higher education. In the mid-1990s President Clinton eliminated Pell Grants for prisoners, and most states responded by dismantling all prison higher education programs. As a result, with few exceptions, the only option available for prisoners seeking a higher education while incarcerated is to enroll in correspondence programs at their own expense. This book is a comprehensive guide to the options available to prisoners who want to further their education. For additional details, please click here.

The Habeas Citebook: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, by Brandon Sample (2010), is a citation book for federal habeas corpus cases in which the petitioner obtained habeas relief based on ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC) -- also known as "bad lawyering." This book provides a jumpstart for prisoners researching controlling case law on every aspect of IAC claims in federal court. For
additional details, please click here.

We are always seeking new titles to publish of interest to a national prisoner audience. We handle book distribution of all Prison Legal News Publishing titles through our print and online sales departments. Our books are generally in print and ready to ship within four months of receiving the final electronic manuscript from the author.

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